PulsarGroove Recordings & Publishing
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PulsarGroove Recordings & Publishing

Record Label, Publishing, Production Company & Mastering Studio

PulsarGroove Recordings & Publishing was formed and established in 2009 by Milos Kovalevsky - artist, musician, DJ, music composer, record engineer and producer. It's being seen as a natural process of progression and movement in artist's independent and personal life career that sustained in the music industry. Formation which is following the digital era of `mid-80s and `early-90s Dance and popular club music with a sparkle of heart-breaking synthesizers, plastic drum machines and very ambient vocals hooked-up with steady militant beats of Electro-Pop, Euro Disco and EBM styles. Its music is very musical and very down-to-Earth. This could be the continuation of the so called 'Euro' era that was popular over two decades ago but now it comes back in a slightly new artistic form and is created with use of slightly different technologies, Indeed!
Most of the projects by this artist and his co-assignees are targeted to mainstream audience and are to be distributed via film industry, radio, internet and TV broadcasting platforms across many channels worldwide. Experiencing music is like time-travel in deep Space and should be getting us as much far away from our, sometimes, boring and nurturing problematic lives. If we cannot sort things out, here it comes the music. Best if it's being experienced socially and in reasonably good environment.

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